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Simple Radio Native Application

I wanted to learn a bit about native android apps and this is what came to my head as an idea to do. It has really simple but frendly user interface and uses the build in media player asynchronous to play streamed radio stations. Record and search options are just some good additions that can make the app more useful.

Forget about the problem with YouTube with stopping while in background, forget about all anoying adverts, forget about paid services... all we want is to listem and possibly record our favourite radios.

In progress: - Record fuctionality


Date: 16/06/2021

Download Android Version: ZeDio v0.2

Date: 06/07/2021

Download Windows Version: ZeDio v0.1 Windows

  • Added search options
  • Changed layout
  • On play showing a toolbar with radio name
  • Displaying song title and artist if metadata exists
  • Added stop button (functionality works but the behaviour may be changed prior of adding record function)